Post Tensioning

We’re the post-tensioning experts. Let us speed up your project, boost flexibility and increase stress-bearing capacity while keeping costs low. A quality Post Tension System gives your project long-term durability.


Post tensioning is the process of reinforcing concrete or other construction materials with super-strong steel strands or bars (tendons). Applying compression after pouring concrete creates a stronger, more versatile foundation.

Post tensioned concrete offers faster construction time, fewer delays, lower costs and reduced maintenance over the longer-term. That’s why it’s the system of choice for apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools, car parks, stadiums and infrastructure projects around the world.

Create more flexible buildings:

The most effective post tensioning saves you money as you build. It allows you to use thinner concrete and longer spans between supports while incorporating first-class durability. These efficiencies increase floor space and the number of storeys available to your development.

Active reinforcement improves versatility, prevents cracked concrete and builds in singular stress-bearing capacity. It helps you overcome site and design constraints. Post-tensioned buildings can also be adapted in the future for increased load-bearing or change of use.

Why post tensioning matters?

  • Thin slabs and columnless spaces give architects freedom to innovate.
  • Thinner concrete slabs mean more space to build additional floors and therefore higher rental potential.
  • Demand for post tensioned slabs is soaring worldwide as architects, engineers and developers discover its qualities.
  • Amount of concrete and reinforcement needed is reduced 20-40% over conventional concrete slabs, minimising dead load.
  • Post tension slabs are quicker and more economical to build.

Expert post tensioning can also reduce harmful environmental impacts by more than 40% for spans exceeding 10 metres, research shows.